The Quick Term Cheat Sheet

This page is a quick reference to some of the terms you’ll see referenced here on Hello, Hypergrid.  Alan is working on adding more in-depth articles for each concept.

Opensimulator (Opensim): A free & open source software project that runs or “simulates” virtual worlds. Users from around the world can log in and interact with these worlds. Learn More

Viewer: A program that’s used by everyday people to log in, explore, and create inside Opensim worlds.  It’s sort of like a 3D game blended up with a web browser.

Grid: A service which acts as the “glue” which binds together a group of virtual spaces (Regions) and users.  Grids act sort of like individual nations, with their own rules, community of citizens, culture, economy, and land. Learn More

Hypergrid: A network of Grids that allow users to freely interact and travel between each other.  If Grids are like nations, the Hypergrid allows nations to have open borders.  Not all Grids are part of the Hypergrid, and some have special rules about where visitors can go and what they an do. The act of traveling the Hypergrid is sometimes called “Hypergridding”.  Learn More

Region: A large chunk of 3D virtual land, complete with ground, water, and sky. Regions are where users meet, interact, and create things.  They are always part of a Grid, and always have a user who “owns” it.  Different Regions can have different rules as set by the owners. Regions which are next to each other often allow users to travel between them simply by crossing the border. Learn More

Avatar: A highly customizable 3D representation of a user.  Every user has an Avatar, and many users often have many different appearances. Sometimes referred to as “Avvies” or “Avs”.

Teleporting: The most popular method of getting from point A to point B is teleporting, which will immediately send an Avatar to another location. Sometimes it is the only way to get to other Regions or Grids, and sometimes teleports will fail if there is a technical problem making a connection between the starting point and the destination. Often abbreviated to “TP” by users.

Landmark: An item that acts like a virtual bookmark to another place in the virtual world.  These are used to get back to favorite places, or distributed to make it easy to reach a place other users haven’t been before. Often abbreviated to “LM” by users.

Simulator (Sim): The piece of software which actually simulates the virtual goings-on inside Regions. Most everyday users don’t run their own Simulators, but instead log in and interact with worlds hosted by others.

Pose Balls: A common object seen in-world. When sat on by a user, it will perform one or more Avatar animations.  These are often used for virtual furniture and dance floors.  They also tend to follow a “Blue for men, Pink for ladies” gender color system.