Let’s Talk Basics: Right Clicking Objects

Last time on LTB, we covered how we can use the default actions of objects to interact with them.   These all relied on either using text chat or left clicking on the object.  But what if you want to do something that’s not the default action?  Let’s look into one of the most used tools in the Opensim interface: The Right Click Menu.

Because there’s a lot of things that a user could want to do or learn in a general purpose virtual environment, it’s been a long-standing tradition on Second Life and Opensim Viewers (the programs that let users interact with the virtual world) to tuck most of them away in a special menu.  This menu is accessed by using the right mouse button while over the object in question.  This menu works on pretty much everything: Objects, land, your Avatar, other Avatars, etc. 

The “Pie Menu” after I right clicked on this humble cube.

Because the kinds of actions you’d want to perform are different depending on the context, this menu is sometimes called a context menu.  It’s also sometimes called the “Pie Menu” or “Circle Menu”, based off of the circular shape the menu has often had on some Viewers.

For now let’s do a quick overview of some of the actions found when right-clicking an object:

Touch, Sit: Same as left click actions.  On some objects the text for Sit is changed to be a bit more descriptive.  For example, a motorcycle might say “Ride”.

Open: Some objects can hold other objects inside them, and deliver them to a user.  Think of it like opening a box.  You can only open objects when its owner has granted users like you permission to do so.

Pay: Opensim has a built-in money system (we’ll cover Money later), and some objects use the Pay action to sell other objects or services.

Buy: Very similar to Pay, except when you finish Buying, you’ll recieve your very own copy of the object that had the Buy option. Many regions give away items for free “freebies” by having the item for sale for $0.

Next time, we’ll cover a few more Actions, which are all about adding or removing Objects from the world.