Let’s Talk Basics: Interacting

So far in our journey, we’ve been learning a lot about how the virtual worlds of Opensim are stitched together, and how to navigate them.  Now let’s change our focus and look at how to interact with the places and objects you’ll find there.

In addition to being able to walk, fly, and teleport, every Avatar has a set of abilities for interacting with the world. Let’s cover some of the one’s you’ll see the most of first:


Many objects that you’ll find in Opensim will respond when they are clicked on, or “touched.”  Depending on what the object is meant to do, this can trigger any number of actions.  Keep you eye out for clues as to what they will do, if the creator has done their job right, it should be pretty clear.

How do you know an object is touchable? Your mouse pointer will turn into a pointing finger when it’s over the object.


Evey Avatar comes with the ability to talk using text chat.  Not only will other user’s Avatars be able to respond to it, some objects can too!  Some objects use chat to tell the world what they’re up to at the moment, and not all objects will respond to chat.  In general your chat messages will only go 20 meters away from your Avatar, so sometimes you’ll need to move closer to be heard.


While a lot of objects in Opensim stay put unless edited by their creators, some objects can be moved around just like real life physical objects.  You can move these objects around by clicking and dragging them.  This is known as “grabbing” an object.  An object that can be grabbed will have a open hand mouse pointer icon.


Lots of objects in Opensim are designed to be sat upon.  Furniture, vehicles, and even some dance floors will have an option to sit on the object.  Objects you can sit on will have a chair as their mouse pointer icon.  Once seated, you can press the “Stand” button on your screen to unseat yourself.

A common kind of Sit object you’ll encounter are Pose Balls.  Learn more about them here.

Up next we’ll continue to explore how you can interact with and objects by opening a special menu using the right mouse button.