Let’s Talk Basics: Landmarks and Links

We just did a quick overview of the different ways a user can get from Point A to Point B in Opensim, and we saw how teleporting was a very convenient method of getting almost anywhere instantly.  We’ve also talked about just how big the virtual worlds in Opensim can get.  This leaves us with a conundrum:  How do we know where to go, and how do we share places we find with others?


Happily, there’s a few good solutions for this in Opensim.  The first is an item you can receive in-world called a Landmark.  These are sort of like a bookmark that points to a specific place in the virtual world. Landmarks can take you to places both on your home Grid, or take you across the Hypergrid.  As long as the destination still exists, the Landmark can take you there.

When you get a Landmark, it will usually go into a specially marked folder in your Inventory (a personal collection of items that belong to your Avatar).  When you click on a Landmark, you can choose either to have it whisk you away immediately, or look at some basic information about the destination before you go. You can also create your own Landmarks to save for later or share with friends you meet in-world!

URL Links

Sometimes, you’ll find out about a destination while you’re not in-world.  Fortunately, many Regions and Grids can be accessed using a URL Link.  These look a bit different from a normal web link.   For example, this is what the URL Link for the Welcome Region in Digiworldz looks like:


When that address is searched for by a user in their Viewer, it will find the correct place to go and allow the user to teleport there.  There are a few other flavors of these Links, some start with “hop://” and some start with “secondlife://”.  Depending on the Viewer, these can be clicked on directly and the Viewer will try to take you straight to the destination.

Up next, we’ll talk a bit about how to interact with the world and other users you’ll find in Opensim!